Behind every Castle stands a Crook. Meaning behind every Empire, someone did something crooked to achieve their goal. Castles represents our goal, for every street hustler, entrepreneur, or mogul. We’re all crooks in some way, some just choose not to show their true colors…

Starting in 2002 out of Los Angeles CA, Crooks & Castles clothing line was created to make a brand that was a direct reflection of the LA street lifestyle. Founded by Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio, Crooks was crafted to embody their culture, their experience and their passion. Fascinated by the mecca of american fashion and the individual styles of New York, Dennis moved to the east to broaden his craft and live a diverse atmosphere. Soon after a short hiatus the team relaunched Crooks in 2004 with the help from Hawaii’s own in4mation and created 5&aDime distribution. A snowball effect took place and in 2007 Crooks & Castles is set to make their mark globally.

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